Mount Veritas

We are a Kansas City based non-profit musical project focused on water & food access. Here, we present a two-part album Maji (or Water in Kiswahili) & Irio (or Food in Kikuyu). Please feel free to stream, download or share the music and hopefully donate to two KC-based charities that are helping alleviate these issues both on a global & local scale; &


For the nearly 750 million people who don't have affordable access to clean water, there is no rest. Every day, someone— usually a woman or a girl—has to walk miles, wait hours, and pay unreasonable prices to secure water for her family. It doesn't have to be this way.


Our industrial food system has created a crisis in health, economy, the environment & our neighborhoods. Through growing nutritious food, new urban farms, and stronger communities, we can build a healthier, more economically & environmentally sustainable Kansas City.